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About Us  
Delorey and Levy Contracting Limited established business in 1995 on Gottingen Street in Halifax. Then and now, there was and is, a high demand for Windows, Doors and Siding in the North End Community of Halifax.

Delorey and Levy was able to build the trust and loyalty of the North End and grew the business to what it is today. We now serve all of Halifax and surrounding communities. We became a trusted house hold name!

If you haven't heard of us, I bet you know someone who has.

Over the years our installers have experienced just about every situation possible. Halifax, being an old port town has many examples of different ways of building homes, and repairing them. When we see something wrong, we feel obligated to make it right for you. We want you to have peace of mind knowing the job is done right.

What separates us from the Others
  • PRODUCT OPTIONS: We do not try to sell you one brand , we give you options at a price you can afford.
  • WE STILL RUN ON SMALL BUSINESS MENTALITY: you are not a number in an anonymous system, you have a name that stays with us forever.
  • ALL OF OUR EMPLOYEES have many years of experience in their trades, from the owner to the person who answers the phone. If a problem arises, we are here to help.
  • WE WORK ALL FOUR SEASONS OF THE YEAR: It is common for us to work through the winter, in fact January can be our busiest month. As long as the temperature does not drop too cold, our installers are more than happy to work! Our climate allows for many opportunities for good weather. We are Canadian after all, Eh.
  • WE SUPPLY MANY TRUSTED CONTRACTORS: Why? They like our service, product options, and price! Some of our clients are in the Property Management, are Radio Personal, Well known Musicians, Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Government Officials, Film Industry. We work with Housing Coop's and do Government Grants. There is no end to the clients we have helped over the years, and they still continue to call us. Now that is Trust we Earned!

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Many of our Client's have received Grants for Windows and Doors. This could be the solution you were looking for.
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DELOREY LEVY WINDOWS AND DOORS   -   3200 Kempt Road   B3K 4X1   -   Phone: (902) 454-2111   -   Fax: (902) 492-4448   -   info@deloreyandlevy.com